Japan. Bilingual. Communicator.Thick on technicals - with a splash of visual creative.

Country boy from the American South by birth, I’ve called Japan my home for more than a decade. When I’m not translating or working up a report for TV or radio, I’m out working on the photography grind.

"But what do you do?"

(A lot.)

Radio / TV Personality& Writer

As seen/heard on:

NPR – Japan news reporter
CGTN – Japan business news reporter
Nippon TV – Commentator
NHK World – Travel show host

Need a media package?

Professional Services

Because you’ve got to make the bacon somehow.


Seminars (in JA and/or EN) on conflict resolution, negotiation, and project collaboration*, often cross-cultural. Participants craft a more coherent message that their counterparts will both understand and find reasonable.

*Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner

Communications and Market Consulting

Make sure you know your people, and that your people get your message. I offer in-depth interviewing, research, and analysis that both crosses and is keenly aware of cultural boundaries.


Smooth, high-fidelity translation and transcreation from Japanese to English. Specialized in finance, marketing, business presentation materials.

The Tragedy of Macbeth
Produced by Tokyo International Players